Deltic Duo joins the fleet

It is with great pleasure that we confirm Deltic locomotives 55022 and D9016 are to become part of our fleet of historic diesel engines.

As part of our new role as a Train Operating Company within the UK we have a growing number of diesel locomotives – in the care of Locomotive Diesels Ltd – to supplement our fleet of iconic steam locomotives when we operate on the main line.

For journeys that are sadly too long and impractical for steam locomotives in the 21st century, we can make use of our fleet of Class 47 and now Deltic locomotives.

Moreover we are pleased to confirm that the previous owners of these fantastic locomotives will be remaining with them, to work alongside our teams to restore and maintain them in the best possible condition for running on the mainline.

Deltic No.55022 - Shot by Geoff Griffiths

While most useful for our operations, we are all too well aware of the historic significance of the Deltic locomotives, which played a key part in the modernisation of Britains railways.

By replacing express steam locomotives such as our very own Class A4 – Bittern on the East Coast Mainline, the Deltic’s were responsible for ushering in a new era of rail transport, reducing journey times from London to the North East and Scotland, and marking the beginning of the end for steam trains in Great Britain.

It is therefore only fitting that such an important part of our more recent railway history is preserved with just as much care as our steam locomotives. And with such a growing number of historic diesel locomotives in our fleet you expect to see more information about them appearing very soon!

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Photographs by kind courtesy of Geoff Griffiths and Inspiring Images.