Bringing back Britannia

It’s been a little while since we heard about Britannia, so it’s exciting to be able to bring you some good news about the Royal Scot Trust’s awesome Standard Pacific.

Britannia was unfortunately withdrawn from service around two years ago. This was a result of her experiencing some vibration issues whilst running on the mainline which prevented her continued operation.

Britannia's tender sans axles and wheels

While things have been a little quiet news wise, our team in Crewe have been hard at work behind the scenes to return her to the mainline.

Since the completion of work on The Sherwood Forester there has been significant progress made on the locomotive. We’ve been working on her axleboxes and frames, reversing and valve gear, springs and bogies (among many other things), in an effort to get her back on the mainline this year.

Britannias tender and pony truck wheels returned to Crewe.

All three of Britannia’s tender axles and the trailing truck axle have now returned to Crewe. This follows the replacement of the roller bearings and completion of tyre turning.

We are delighted that, all being well, you will be seeing Britannia back in action on one of our own trains later on this year.¬†We can’t yet say which of our experiences this will be, so be sure to watch this space to find out!

Journey Back In Time with Saphos Trains

While we’re waiting for the return of this fantastic locomotive why not take a look at The Britannia Story, our look at the life of this, one of our youngest steam locomotives. Built in 1950 and retired after less than 20 years in service, you can explore her astonishingly diverse career and life in preservation.

Photos courtesy Jack Gresty, Ian Walker and Darren Kitchener. Be sure an stay tuned for an update on progress with Blue Peter in the not too distant future!