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In case you missed it, our very own Blue Peter was on TV last week in… yup, you guessed it: Blue Peter! Barney, Lindsey and Radzi have been following our team at LNWR Heritage as they work to restore Blue Peter to mainline running condition.

This episode saw Lindsey working with Steve and the team from the boiler department to help create a replacement part of Blue Peter’s firebox, an essential component if she is to return to steam.

Under the guidance of our expert boiler smiths Lindsey used a blowtorch to heat the metal ready for shaping. This tough task required the use of, as Lindsey put it “a massive hammer” and plenty of whacks!

You can check out the episode of Blue Peter on BBC iPlayer now

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We are delighted to announce that as of yesterday, Friday 4th August, Locomotive Services (TOC) Ltd. has been granted a Train Operating License for the operation of excursion passenger trains on the United Kingdom mainline railway network.

Following a significant amount of hard work we have been awarded the necessary Safety Certificate, Access Agreement and Train Operating License required to operate services on the national rail network.

Furthermore, we are pleased to confirm that we have received a Network Rail Gauging Certificate for both Royal Scot and Braunton – currently masquerading as classmate Lord Dowding – to run from our Crewe operating base along the North Wales line towards Llandudno and south to Cardiff.

Watch this space for more news about when we’ll be operating the first of our own trains on the mainline railway network.

Locomotive Storage Ltd. acquires the former Hornby facilities in Margate

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Locomotive Storage Limited, a property company affiliated with Locomotive Services Limited, Statesman Rail and Icons of Steam has today confirmed the acquisition of the former Hornby plc facilities in Margate. The Hornby Visitor Centre is the only current tenant and we are pleased that they will be remaining on the site. Locomotive Storage intends to embark on a rolling refurbishment of the facilities and to engage in discussions with interested parties regarding potential uses of the site.

Jeremy Hosking, a director of Locomotive Storage Limited said “We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Hornby plc after extended but friendly negotiations. Our group has a greatly expanded its asset base and activities in recent years and this site will greatly enhance our current facilities”.