Decoding Train Terminology

The railway world is full of acronyms and terms that plenty of people find pretty confusing! We’re going to populate this guide as time goes on, so that you can.

Train Tyres

Not a lot of people know that train wheels have tyres!

There are two reasons trains have tyres, one is to save money and the other is to protect the rails trains run on. Because it is easier to replace train wheels than rail, they are made of a metal that is less durable than the rail, that way it is the wheels that wear down and not the rail.

This is where tyres come in. Because it would be very expensive to replace the entire wheel every time it wore down, wheels have a central disc (or spokes for steam locomotives) and an outer tyre that is replaceable. As the tyres wear down they require machining, particularly if they wear unevenly, to ensure they all have the same shape.

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