Farewell to


After eight years, we bid a fond farewell to an iconic, record breaking steam locomotive.

As we say goodbye - for now - let's take a look back at some of the moments that have made these last eight years with Bittern so special.

Bittern hauls her first train. Shot by Dave Warwick.

Bittern back on the main line. Shot by Bob Green.

Bittern masquerades as No. 4492 Dominion of New Zealand. Shot by Phil Sangwell.

Bittern hauling the Christmas White Rose. Shot by Ashley Hill.

Bittern hauls her final 90mph train. Shot by Bob Green.

Bittern at the Great Gathering with the five other A4's. Shot by Duncan Langtree.

Bittern hauling one of her final trains at the Bluebell Railway. Shot by Rob Barton.

We would like to extend our most grateful thanks all of the hundreds of people and numerous organisations who have helped to overhaul, maintain and operate Bittern over the past eight years.
To all, to each, thank you.

Bittern will return to steam.