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Made just for you.

Our Dining, First Class and Standard experiences all have something unique to offer. Whether you want to enjoy a sumptuous three course meal with us, or simply relax and watch the world fly past, we have the perfect journey for you.

Attentive service

Dining by steam

Seated at tables for two or four in lovingly restored 1950's style carriages. With all cooked food onboard by our chefs, and immaculate service from our dedicated stewards, there really is no experience quite like dining by rail.

On day long journeys our attentive, liveried stewards will serve a full English breakfast, accompanied by fresh tea and coffee. On our return a three course dinner will be served.

Those guests joining us for an afternoon circular journey will enjoy a sumptuous three course luncheon, and on your arrival, a glass of chilled champagne.

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The first class experience

First class perfection

Seated in luxuriously upholstered 1950's carriages, a historic first class experience will transport you to times gone by.

Our attentive stewards will serve complimentary tea and coffee throughout the journey. Moreover, if you fancy a tipple, alcoholic and other beverages may be ordered from the comfort of your seat.

Seating is at tables for two or four, in lovingly restored carriages and all tables are adjacent to large picture windows.

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  • Step back in time
  • Climb aboard historic carriages
  • Historic steam locomotives
  • Dine at your seat

Magic of steam

Each and every one of our experiences includes travel with a historic steam locomotive.

As you step onto the platform, the smell and sound of a bygone age will transport you back in time. Then, speeding through rolling countryside, the sound of the whistle and passing whisps of steam create an atmosphere unlike any other.

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  • Attentive onboard service
  • Historic steam locomotives

Standard Class

Travelling in historic railway carriages, our simplest experience allows you the time to relax and revel in the wonder of steam.

Seated at tables for four adjacent to large picture windows, you can order drinks from the buffet car, bring your own picnic, or simply watch the world float by as whisps of steam from our locomotive drift past.

  1. Journeys may not be hauled by steam locomotive throughout the day. Diesel hauled portions may form part of individual experiences.
  • Dartmouth photograph courtesy Simon Lathlane. Cardiff photograph courtesy Mario Sánchez Prada. Stratford-upon-Avon photograph courtesy Giuseppe Milo. Llandudno photograph courtesy Bert Kaufmann. Luncheon Circular photograph courtesy Robert J Heath.