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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of the questions we are often asked about making a booking and travelling by steam with us.

When does booking open?

Bookings are now open.

We are currently unable to accept card payments. You can make a reservation at and we will call you back within 28 days to take payment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We are currently unable to accept card payments. You can make a reservation at and we will call you back within 28 days to take payment.

When booking tickets online or by phone:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • American Express
  • Paypal

When paying onboard our trains:

  • Contactless
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Who is my booking with?

Bookings for 'our trains' are made with Saphos Train Travel Ltd, a subsidiary company of Locomotive Services Limited of which Icons Of Steam is a constituent brand.

Currently no bookings are made on Prior to booking you will be redirected to Saphos Trains website at where payment will be taken.

Bookings are subject to Saphos Train Travel Ltd Booking Conditions.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can contact Saphos Trains using the following methods:

By phone: 0800 038 5320

By email:

Are you able to accommodate disabled passengers?

We are pleased to make provision for passengers with disabilities, however we are at present regrettably unable to accommodate wheelchair bound passengers.

We can convey disabled passengers whenever possible, provided they can step onto the train from the platform and move to their reserved seats with the help of an able bodied carer. Our staff are unfortunately unable to assist in this way.

If you would like to find out more please get in contact us, either by email or by phone on 0800 038 5320, and we will be happy your particular requirements.

Will my train be hauled by a steam locomotive?

All of our journeys include time with a heritage steam locomotive. Some journeys may feature portions of diesel haulage where specified.

While we always endeavour to ensure that a steam locomotive haul our trains, due to factors beyond our control this may not always be possible. In this event a diesel locomotive may substitute for steam haulage.

Please note: No compensation will be payable in the event of diesel haulage.

Will the steam loco be assisted by a diesel?

We do not plan for any of our journeys to feature diesel assistance.

Where advertised diesel locomotives will be used for feeder services, prior to a steam locomotive being attached to the train.

We plan for all of our services to feature a manned diesel at the rear of the train. This will provide an electricity supply to the train, as well as assistance with shunting manoeuvres. Additionally we want to act responsibly as a mainline operator, so in case of failure we want to ensure an assisting loco is on hand if required.

Our trains will not be assisted by diesel traction from the rear of the train unless authorised to do so as part of an out of course situation, or as a banking engine at specific locations as authorised by Network Rail.

None of our trips are planned to require a banking engine, therefore you will enjoy the experience of a steam hauled journey without any diesel assistance.

When will my tickets arrive?

Please don't be alarmed when your tickets don't arrive straight away!

Tickets will be posted to you 5-7 days before your departure date once final timings have been released.

When should we arrive at the station?

Your tickets will contain the official departure time of the train. We recommend arriving at the station at least 15 minutes in advance of our scheduled departure time.

Which locomotive will haul the train?

Our trains in 2018 will be hauled by one of three locomotives in our mainline pool; either Royal Scot, Braunton or Britannia will haul our trains.

Can you guarantee a specific locomotive?

We operate from a pool of locomotives - in 2018 these will be Royal Scot, Braunton and Britannia - and are therefore unable to offer a guarantee that a specific locomotive will operate any specific journey.

How long will we spend at the destination?

For journeys that travel to a destination there will be some time to explore, usually two to four hours dependent on the destination.

Final times will only be confirmed with your tickets 5-7 days prior to departure.

Are children welcome to travel?

Children are welcome to travel with us in First Class and Standard Class.

We are regrettably unable to convey children under the age of 12 in our dining carriages.

What is the dress code?

Smart casual wear is appropriate for Dining Experiences. Gentlemen are requested not to wear shorts or sleeveless T-shirts.

There is no dress code for First Class Experiences or Standard Class travel.

Can I open the windows?

Some carriages on our trains have windows that can open, however passengers may under no circumstances lean out of the windows.

Each carriage will have stewards present to ensure no passengers violate this requirement.

Will the train be too hot or too cold?

Some of our carriages have air-conditioning and therefore the windows will not open. On hot days the air-conditioning will be on to ensure a comfortable environment.

Carriages without air-conditioning have openable windows, so there will be plenty of ventilation to cool the train on hot days.

On cold days all of our carriages will be heated, ensuring you have a comfortable journey.

My question isnt here...

If you have a question that we haven't listed here please do get in contact with us.

We will be pleased to recieve enquiries to Saphos Trains using the following methods:

By phone: 0800 038 5320

By email:

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