Our Story

Welcome onboard.

Our story starts nearly twenty years ago, since when we have lovingly restored steam locomotives to their former glory and refurbished heritage carriages to immaculate condition.

Our team, which over the years has included hundreds of people, have spent many thousands of hours to bring you the delight, charm and magic of steam.

  • Story behind our First Class Carriages
  • One of our magnificent steam locomotives
  • Step back in time
  • Enjoy silver service at your seat

Our locomotives.

Standing proud at the front of our trains is a magnificent steam locomotive. Aged between 60 and 90 years old, each of our engines has a unique story to tell, having travelled many hundreds of thousands of miles over the years.

Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers have spent countless hours immaculately restoring these locomotives not only to their original condition, but ensuring they are fit to continue running across the UK for years to come.

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  • Royal Scot
  • Braunton

Our carriages.

Without carriages there can be no train. Dating from the 1950’s1, each one of our carriages has been immaculately restored to their historic condition.

We've invested in specialist facilities to take care of these heritage vehicles. Ensuring that from the moment you step on board, they will envelop you in the style and charm of travel from a by-gone age.

  • Our attentive staff
  • Departing a station near you

Our people.

Over the years countless people have contributed to turning out our iconic steam trains in immaculate condition.

Today, more than a hundred staff and volunteers play a part in our journeys. From our amazing onboard chefs, to the dedicated volunteers who make sure our locomotives are always turned out immaculately, each person plays a vital part in making each and every one of our experiences truly special.

  • Your stewards
  • Your fireman
  • Your chef
  • Your crew

Our journeys.

Our first journeys have been carefully chosen to showcase the very best of what we and Britain has to offer.

From our Crewe base, where we have built a home equipped with state of the art facilities, we will be journeying across the North West and even as far south as the English Riviera in Devon.

When you step aboard one of our trains we promise to transport you back in time, as we travel through delightful scenery and on to enchanting destinations...

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  • Steam through picturesque scenery
  • To fantastic destinations

Our experience.

Revel in an experience unlike any other, an adventure that truly defines the splendor of days gone by. We have created three experiences, each with something unique to offer.

The unparalleled romance and glamour of steam awaits, as you journey with us across Britain aboard our magnificent steam train. So whether you choose to enjoy a sumptuous three course meal with us, or simply relax and watch the world fly past, we have the perfect journey for you.

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  • Freshly prepared food
  • Attentive service
  • Friendly stewards
  • Wine and dine onboard

Our destinations.

What delights lay before you as our train train eases into the platform. Perhaps a stroll by the sea, an enchanting museum, or a walk through the countryside.

With journeys along the North Wales Coast and the English Riviera, to Stratford-upon-Avon or historic Cardiff, we are sure you will find a destination to your liking.

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  • Steam to the seaside
  • Steam to fantastic cities

Welcome onboard.

The past twenty years has seen countless hours worked to reach where we are today. We are immensely grateful to everyone who has played a part in getting us here, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

We hope to welcome you onboard very soon.

  1. Not all of our carriages date from the 1950s. Carriages vary by class and cannot be guaranteed. Compare our experiences to learn more.
  2. Subject to Saphos Train Travel Ltd Terms and Conditions of booking.
  • Photography courtesy Inspiring Images, Peter Guy, James Cummins, Andrew Shapland, Giuseppe Milo, Jon Candy and Kathryn Yengel.